Welcome to the website of Maîtres Anne Gaussen Rapit and Josefina Sarratea Bonetti, notaries in Morges. Ideally located in one of the most prosperous and dynamic economic regions in Switzerland, our firm has its headquarters in Morges and holds since Summer 2019 a secondary office in Saint-Saphorin, in the district of Lavaux. We are here to help you prepare and materialize your personal, business and family projects.

Me Anne Gaussen Rapit has been licensed as a notary since 1987 and Me Josefina Sarratea Bonetti graduated with her certificate in 2016. Together, we see our profession as being, above all, about people: a profession that hinges on relationships, dialogue, proximity and understanding. Our advice and recommendations are based on an in-depth knowledge of legislation, regulations and case law. The firm currently employees five people.

Please feel free to pop in and see us. We would be delighted to meet you, understand your background, identify your objectives and guide you in line with your best interests.